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We are proud to be UK main Burstner dealers, helping you access the latest Burstner motorhomes, used Burstner motorhomes, along with all your other Burstner needs, such as spares, servicing and accessories.

Emm-Bee are the north of England’s biggest motorhome deal and have a long standing relationship with Burstner.

Unlike many other Burstner dealers, we carry nearly all the Burstner range in stock.

This means you can come along, check them out and take them for a spin.

The Burstner 2018 UK Dealers Range

Partially Integrated Burstner Motorhomes


BURSTNER LYSEO IT734 HARMONYWhen choosing a new motorhome at a Burstner dealers in the UK, the first decision you need to make is whether you want a partially integrated Burstner motorhome or a fully integrated one

A partially integrated motorhome means living space is only partly integrated with the cab driving space. This tends to mean less living and storage space but also lower prices.

The Burstner partially integrated range includes the Burstner Harmony line, the Burstner Ixeo TL and Travel Van Edition 30.

You can check out these partially integrated Harmony motorhomes on our new Burstner page here

Fully Integrated Burstner Motorhomes



Known as the ‘Royal Class’ fully integrated Burstner Motorhomes provide huge living space due to the seamless integration between can and living quarters.

Among your fully integrated options are the Lyseo Time I, the Ixeo I and the luxury class Burstner Elegance.

Again you can browse all our fully integrated motorhomes at our main new Burstner motorhome page here

If you would like any advice on what new Burstner best meets both your budget and needs, then don’t hesitate to get in touch for a chat.

Being a Burstner main dealer means we know everything there is to know about Burstner’s.

We can help you find the right one for your needs and your budget.

Used Burstner Dealers

We usually carry a number of used Burstner motorhomes in stock.

Given they must fulfill our rigorous technical checks to be carried by us, they are a fantastic opportunity to land a high performing, quality Burstner motorhome at a fraction of the new price cost.

To browse our current range of used Burstner, click here.

Burstner Spares and Parts

You may be looking for a Burstner dealer because you need some motorhome parts or spares.

If so, you’re definitely at the best place.

Our unrivalled relationship with Burstner means you can access a huge number of spares and parts in stock.

Should we not carry them in stock, we have access to the a Burstner factory to find out immediately the right Burstner part for you and have it delivered for you extremely quickly.

Check out our pages on Burstner motorhome parts and Burstner spares for more information.

About Emm-Bee Motorhome Dealers

Despite being one of the largest motorhome dealers in the business, it comes a surprise to many that we are still a family run enterprise and have been for over 25 years now.

This means we still provide a personal touch.

We are committed to outstanding customer service from first enquiry to all your after sales needs.

Our dealership is easy to access from most places, located just off junction 2 of the M66 motorway in Greater Manchester.

For any Burstner related enquiry or need contact Emm-Bee today online or on 0161 797 2988. We are open seven days a week!


  • The Emm-Bee Motorhome dealers are one of UK’s leading full-service suppliers for new and used motorhomes.

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