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If you need Burstner motorhome spares, then you need to contact Emm-Bee Motorhome Dealers – the UK’s largest stockist of Burstner Spares.

Choosing Emm-Bee means you get the correct, genuine Burstner spare parts; you experience less delay than with other stockists of Burstner motorhome spares and you get the best, specialist advice on the Burstner spares that you need.

 Emm-Bee Every Time for Burstner Motorhome Spares

  1. You get your Burstner Spares Straight Away

burstner motorhome spare partDue to being the largest stockist of Burstner Spares in the UK, there’s a high chance we will have the Burstner spare you need. Simply contact us on 0161 797 2988 or online describing the spares you need for your Burstner or let us determine the spare part that you need.

  1. You get Burstner Spares Fast

If by some chance we do not stock the Burstner spare you need, we can obtain one for you exceptionally fast. Many other Burstner dealers mention 2-3 weeks waiting times. With Emm-Bee, we can usually express deliver the spare from Burstner’s factory within three days! That’s because we are live with Burstner’s factory system and can see spare parts availability live on the factory floor! This not only means less delay than elsewhere; it also guarantees getting the correct spare you need.

  1. Expert Advice and Support for Burstner Spares

burstner motorhome partUnlike many motorhome parts providers, we have a member of staff who is dedicated to the delivery of Burstner spare parts. With 10 years’ experience, you will get the correct spare that you need, and the best price possible. We have full access to Buerstner’s web-kat system. This means we can analyse the schematic that Burstner used to build your motorhome and you the specific spares unique to your vehicle – even down to the screws!

  1. Burstner Motorhome Spares Finding Service

The access to Burstner’s systems mentioned above means we can track down the spare you need fast. It’s probably safe to say if we can’t find the spare part you need than nobody can. This is a premium service that we can extend to all our customers both trade and retail.

UK’s No.1 for Burstner Spares

Emm-Bee offer unparalleled provision of Burstner spares in the UK. We have the largest stock, the quickest turnaround and the expertise to offer the best service for you.

About Emm-Bee Motorhome Dealers

Emm-Bee Motorhome Dealers have been a family run motorhome dealership for over 25 years. Conveniently located in Greater Manchester just off Junction 2 off the M66 motorway, we are easily accessible to most people in England. We stock the latest models of leading motorhome brands like Burstner, for whom we are a main dealer, as well as a large range of used motorhomes, motorhomes parts and accessories and motorhome servicing facilities

Talk to us today on 0161 797 2988 or online


  • The Emm-Bee Motorhome dealers are one of UK’s leading full-service suppliers for new and used motorhomes.

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