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Chausson is a leading manufacturer of motorhomes.  Based in France, they are highly regarded for their vast choice of combinations. This ability to choose from a vast number of designs has earned them the epithet of the motorhome provider for everyone. Whatever your need, you will likely find a Chausson to suit you.

Chausson Range of Motorhomes 

The range can be broken down into four main categories: Lowprofile, Special Editions of vehicles, Overcab and A-Class motorhomes.


We will look at each to enable you to choose your carrier for most models suited to your needs.


Chausson Lowprofile


chausson welcome 630

BEST SELLER: The Chausson Welcome 630

The Lowprofile models are part of their compact range.  Like all of the Chausson range, there is an astonishing number of combinations to design your ideal motorhome.


Namely, 20 different layouts! You can choose from the Welcome or Flash finish and a range of bed layouts including with or without a roof bed.


Chausson offers these diverse layouts in a range of Welcome and Flash models such as the super compact 530 or the innovative 630 with two separate roof beds.


You can check out the full range of layouts possible with Chausson Lowprofile motorhomes at their official brochure site here.


At Emm-Bee, we stock a range of the Flash and Welcomes which can be seen at our Chausson motorhomes page.


Along with the vast range of combinations, Chausson offers more options with body finishes, furnishings and fittings.


Chausson A Class


Chausson A Class motorhomes are their integrated cab range, offering premium models and space. The A Class range comes under the moniker Exaltis and like all their motorhomes offers unrivalled options with regard to finishes and layouts.


Take the Exaltis 7138XLB as an example. It has an island bed, a separate shower from the toilet and a kitchen corner. Effectively a small flat ion wheels.


Chausson Overcab


chausson overcab

DESIGN MARVEL: 7 berth motorhome at 7m


As the name suggests, the Overcab adds added bed space by extending over the cab. The C656 being a motorhome marvel, courtesy of being a 7 berth motorhome while extending only 7 metres.


Chausson Special Editions


Along with the Flash and Welcome series of motorhomes, Chausson in 2018 offer a special edition ‘all-inclusive’ range.


 These offer exclusive interior and exterior styling. And the most popular layouts from their entire range plus a huge array of equipment as standard. So, for example, there’s the Chausson 610 Special Edition. This is an exclusive version of their best selling Lowprofie motorhome.


It has added garage space for those wanting to pursue activities on their motorhome holidays. It also has different interior and exterior styling. A further five Chausson’s are available as special edition. You can check them out at their official website.


Emm-Bee: Your Chausson Dealer


Emm-Bee are a main Chausson dealer located in the north-west of England. We offer new and used Chausson for sale. But that’s not all.


We also can help existing Chausson owners with any problems they may have. We have a parts and accessories service and should we not have what you need in stock, we can obtain for you quickly. Buying from Emm-Bee makes sense, as we always carry Chausson in stock.


This is unlike many dealers who only offer catalogues of models. And we have a committed after sales service that will support your enjoyment of your new Chausson for years to come.


To talk to our Chausson experts, simply call 0161 797 2988 or you can send us a message online now with any Chausson questions you may have.

About Chausson


A brief history


While we’ve given you a brief guide to themrange, you may be wondering just who Chausson are.


Chausson are a highly respected, long established provider of quality motorhomes. They design and manufacture motorhomes in the Rhône Valley at one of Europe’s largest motorhome plants. Available throughout Europe, they were established in 1903.


Originally a provider of French buses, in 1980 Chausson started making fitted vans. A landmark came in 1995. This was when they introduced their Welcome range, intended to introduce a new generation to RV vehicles.


This was made possible by a friendly price tag that balanced what was needed for a quality motorhome against friendly prices. In 2000, they extended their Welcome range with a new model  – the Welcome 60 – that was less than 6m.


This helped families access motorhomes for the first time. In 2005, the Flash line was introduced as a Lowprofile and Overcab motorhome. The Flash reinvention of the basic camper remains hugely popular today. 


Chausson values


The overarching Chausson philosophy is getting the balance right. The balance between equipment and price. So they will scrutinise each motorhome item as to its utility vs its cost.


They are also a byword for choice, offering unparalleled options for motorhome buyers.


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