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The new Bailey Approach Advance range of motorhomes was unveiled early 2018 and featured six motorhomes with low profile layouts. Among these six Advance models were two perennial favourites and four new exciting range additions.


The Bailey Approach Advance model names reflect the length of the vehicle and the number of passenger seats.


bailey approach advance

The full Approach Advance range models being the Bailey Advance 66-2, Bailey Advance 74-2, Bailey Advance 74-4, Bailey Advance 76-2, Bailey Advance 76-4 and Bailey Advance 70-6. So, the Bailey Advance 66-2 is six point six metres long and seats two passengers, the Bailey Advance is 7m long and seats six passengers and so on.


Weight-wise, the Advance range is a consistent 3.500kg or under, so anyone with a UK driving licence can use them without needing added entitlements.


Engine-wise, all the Advance motorhomes feature the Peugeot Boxer 2.0 Hdi, 130 bhp, Euro 6 engine with a six-speed manual gearbox.


Comfort on the road comes with all models possessing air con and cruise control as standard along with adjustable front swivel Captain’s chairs in the cab. Fixtures and fittings such as kitchen and furnishing are all of a high standard to guarantee the enjoyment of the motorhome when parked up.


The bodyshell, like all Baileys, is created with their patented Alu-Tec. This means a more durable yet lighter vehicle on the road, along with their trail-blazing resistance against the elements. Their all-weather credentials being bolstered by the 4E Truma Combi heating system in all models to ensure hot water and heating at all times.


In cold-chamber testing, Bailey motorhomes achieved the highest rating possible for their thermal performance – Grade III Classification of EN1646-I


As ever, Bailey go big on safety features in their Advance range. Their extensive crash testing programme meaning travel seats within models are built to withstand even head-on collisions.


BaileyApproach Advance 66-2


This is a continuation of the Baily favourite, the 635 and remains two berth with a rear end washroom.


BaileyApproach Advance 74-2, BaileyApproach Advance 74-4

Advance 74-2-interior


Another two new additions to the 2018 Bailey Advance range. Both feature a rear transverse double island, centre washroom and again a choice between the twin parallel rear seats – the 74-2 – and the L-shaped lounge and rear travel seats – the 74-4


BaileyApproach Advance 76-2 – BaileyApproach Advance 76-4


The Advance 76-2 and 76-4 were both newly added to the Bailey range in 2018. These motorhomes place a premium on living space and feature a fixing double corner bed and end washrooms. The 76-2 has twin front seats while the 76-4 has an L-shaped lounge with rear travel seats


Bailey Advance 70-6


The Advance 70-6 will be familiar to Bailey aficionados, being essentially the 665 by another name. As with the 665, it is characterised by a layout that features a six-berth end family lounge with drop down double beds.


Alu Tech and Bailey


bailey alu tecBailey motorhomes are constructed using their patented alu-tech process. This means the motorhome bodyshell has an interlocking aluminium framework that locks the body panels together. This results in a more robust and long-lasting body shell that should serve you well. Thicker panels in GRP provide improved insulation without additional weight. Better resistance to the elements means less upkeep and maintenance work on your vehicle.


About Bailey Motorhomes


Having been in existence for 70 years, UK motorhome manufacturer Bailey has plenty of experience in meeting customer expectations through great motorhome design and engineering.


advance 76-4And, amazingly, they are also still a family run business who pride themselves in putting their personal stamp on all their motorhomes. This means every new design detail is tested thoroughly before being added to a Bailey motorhome. An example being Bailey’s heating systems. These are tested at temperatures as low as -15 centigrade, resulting in Bailey possessing market leading motorhome insulation.


Another example being taking Bailey motorhomes on a 5000 miles trek to the Arctic Circle in Northern Finland.  A test which proved the endurance capabilities of Bailey motorhomes beyond doubt


Billed as the go anywhere, do anything motorhomes, Bailey’s are well worth checking out. Emm-Bee is a Bailey main dealer and should be the first port of call for anyone looking to test drive a Bailey or to find out if they are the right motorhome for them.


Call Emm-Bee today for all things Bailey on 0161 797 2988 or contact us through this online form


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