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Emm-Bee are one of UK’s main stockists of motorhome accessories and motorhome parts.

We pride ourselves on being able to supply all the motorhome spares and accessories you may possibly ever need for your motorhome.

Our motorhome accessories and parts are not limited to the brands for which we are main dealers, i.e. Burstner spares and parts, Chausson, Bailey and Laika.
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We have a comprehensive selection of motorhome parts and spare for all the main motorhome manufacturers.

Simply contact our friendly team today about any motorhome accessory or part that you would like.

Motorhome Accessories Shop

It’s amazing how many motorhome accessories are now available; all designed to add a little extra to your next motorhome holiday. That’s why a visit to Emm-Bee Motorhomes’ accessories shop should be a central item on your holiday planning check list.

We have a wide range of accessories for motorhomes from toilet products, water filters, pumps and gas regulators to those RV accessories you’d always like but never seem to be able to find.

And, we are one of the largest Calor gas suppliers in the north west so we can always change that empty cylinder for you.

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Motorhome Parts Service

Emm-Bee lead the way when it comes to helping you track down the part you need for your motorhome.
And, our motorhome parts finding service will do all the work for you.

With access to most of the major motorhome manufacturers’ systems along with many of the direct suppliers within the industry, we can conduct thorough searches for any spare or part.

This means if we can’t find your motorhome part then probably no-one can.

This motorhome parts service is available to both trade and retail customers and you can be assured of a premium service with knowledgeable friendly staff.

So whether it’s a windscreen you need for a Burstner Elegance, a heating system for a Chausson or even a door retainer for a 20-year-old Elddis caravan we will find the part you need.

With access to 100s of suppliers if we can’t get the motorhome part you need, then no one can!

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