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Emm-Bee lead the way for Burstner motorhome parts in the UK.

We are the largest stockist of Burstner parts; we guarantee fast identification of the parts you need and their delivery whenever we don’t carry a part in stock; and, we have unrivalled expertise with Burstner Motorhomes

The UK’s leading Burstner Spare Parts Finding Service

burstner motorhome spare partWe help you find the Burstner body parts or Burstner replacement parts that you need. Due to being the biggest stockist of Burstner parts, we may carry the part you need in stock. If we don’t, we guarantee fast delivery from the Burstner factory in three-four days which compares favourably to many other motorhome dealers who often specify 2-3 weeks.

To get your Burstner part fast, contact us on 0161 797 2988 or online

How Emm-Bee gets Burstner parts fast

As mentioned, we have a massive stock of Burstner parts so can often get you the part you need immediately. When we can’t, you still get lightning fast delivery. Normally, we express deliver parts for Burstner’s straight from the Burstner factory. That’s because we are live with their factories’ systems so can see part availability instantly on their shop floor.

How we get you the right Burstner part for you

burstner motorhome partEmm-Bee have full access to Burstner’s own Web-Kat system. This allows us to analyse the very schematics used to build your Burstner. These CAD powered schematics ensure we get you the right Burstner motorhome body parts right-down to even the correct screws! 

Trust your expert, experienced Burstner parts’ advisor

We take the provision of parts and accessories so seriously that we have a dedicated staff member taking care of Burstner parts, who suppliers Burstner body and replacement parts to both dealers and retail customers across the UK.

No.1 For Burstner Motorhome Parts

Our huge stock of Burstner spare parts; our access to Burstner factory systems and our knowledge and passion for all things Burstner make us your first destination for all things parts related.

About Emm-Bee Motorhome Dealers

Emm-Bee are a large, family-run motorhome dealers with over 25 years’ motorhome sales experience.

Along with being the Burstner main dealer, we stock numerous other brands of motorhomes both new and used. Our location at Junction 2 of the M66 in Greater Manchester means we are accessible to most people in the country.

We pride ourselves on enthusiastic and informed customer service, so don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you have about Burstner motorhome parts, be they cost related or curiosity related.

Talk to the Burstner parts experts today on 0161 797 2988 or onl


  • The Emm-Bee Motorhome dealers are one of UK’s leading full-service suppliers for new and used motorhomes.

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