Exporting a motorhome

Emm-Bee motorhomes are highly experienced in the motorhome exports to outside the EU. We have a specialist team with offices in New Zealand and Australia to ensure that the process is carried out as smoothly and stress free for yourselves as possible.


We have extensive knowledge of the Personal Export Scheme and all the requirements associated with exporting a motorhome into the likes of Australia and New Zealand.


Wish to take the opportunity to travel some of Europe in your new Motorhome before exporting? Our Manchester based office will collect you on arrival, provide you with all you need to know regarding your new motorhome, and when you return we will organise all that is required to safely export your vehicle back home.


Should you wish to purchase and export immediately out to Australia or New Zealand, our Emm-Bee NZ team, based in Wellington or office in Brisbane are there to help you and in your time zone!! Their product knowledge is equal to that of the UK team so can take you through the vehicle upon delivery.


Why Use Emm-Bee for Motorhome exports?


Exporting a motorhome to a non EU country is a complex process. One that many other companies claim to do, yet lack of experience and full knowledge off all aspects associated with the requirements of a successful export often results in a very disappointed and out of pocket customer.
We can provide you with all you need to know, from the initial process of choosing a vehicle that will be suitable for the country you are exporting to, right through to any duties required to be paid upon arrival and necessary checks, adaptations and certificates required for your vehicle to be road and user legal.


For more information on motorhome exports, please do not hesitate to contact either our UK or New Zealand offices on:


Emm-Bee UK
0161 767 2988
Email: sales@emm-bee.co.uk


Emm-Bee NZ
022 0425865
Email: sales@emm-bee.co.nz


See what recent customer’s experiences of exporting a motorhome with us has been:



“We are from New Zealand.  We have had a business here for 28 years. We sold the business and decided to do our belated O.E. or gap year as our children call it.


So we got onto Google and researched motorhomes for sale in the UK. After much tooing and frooing we were delighted with the offer from Emm-bee. Not only was the offer the best value for money deal that we could find, but Phil and Paul bent over backwards to reassure us that they knew how the Vat system worked and that they would have the correct paperwork in place to satisfy the Uk ports to release the motorhome from Europe and the New Zealand ports, vehicle entry and compliance for ease of importation into New Zealand. 


Craig from Emm-bee picked us up from the airport in Manchester.  Phil took us through all the paperwork and Paul games us an in depth introduction into the ins and outs of our new motorhome. 


And off we drove into the sunset for a wonderful 363 days following the RUGBY world Cup in England and Wales and then of to Europe to follow the the cycle tours and explore everything Europe had to offer.


As per usual we had a few minor warranty issues that were dealt with by not just Emm-bee but also a dealer in Spain as part of the extensive Burstner dealer network. 


We’ve enjoyed the Emm-bee experience so much that we’ve now ordered our next motorhome from them. We will be picking it up in one months time with the confidence that we can expect the same outstanding level of professionalism and courtesy.  Thank you the team at Emm-bee.”



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