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They are vehicles that provide a perfect mix of space, luxury and independence – as a leading UK motorhome dealer, Emm Bee has a wide range of new and used large motorhomes for sale. With more than 30 years’ experience selling and servicing quality motorhomes, we have seen how the industry has developed. One modern change is the availability of a wide range of larger vehicles, Class A motorhomes as they are also known. These larger motorhomes are now readily available for sale in the UK. They have integrated cabs that are the same width as the motorhome body, creating both a seamless space and also an unprecedented driving position.the inside of a large motorhome Often up to nine metres long, they are spacious – some can easily seat eight in the lounge area, bedrooms can be a room of luxury and sophistication rather than simply a practical use of space. However, the growth of availability also means that there are larger motorhomes that cater to differing budgets. At the time of writing, we have used large motorhomes for sale for under £40,000 while we also have top of the range, brand new Burstners for above £110,000.

Large Motorhomes – A Lot For Your Money

In either case, you would get a motorhome that is reliable, spacious and the base for wonderful holidays and adventures. Undeniably, in the top of the range Burstner, you would get a little bit more luxury, a higher level of finish and a few more conveniences. You would get a cruise ship cabin on wheels. Large motorhomes are built upon heavy-duty frames that are able to withstand the additional weight of the motorhome and its contents and provide tens of thousands of miles of trouble-free motoring. The weight and size of these motorhomes do mean that many weigh in excess of 3.5 tonnes and so there are driving licence considerations – a vehicle over 3.5 tonnes requires a C1 licence, one over 7 tonnes a C licence. Full details are available by following this link to Despite the size, larger motorhomes are superb to drive. The driving position is raised, the all-round visibility superb. If you would like to test drive a vehicle, or even just sit in the driver’s seat to get a feel for the vehicle, please do get in touch or come to see our showroom just outside Manchester. We pride ourselves on customer service, a quality that has seen us receive overwhelmingly positive reviews on Google and Facebook and also thrive for more than three decades. Much of our business is repeat business, families buying motorhomes from us and then, years later, trading in and getting a new vehicle. If you’re just starting the search for large motorhomes for sale, what type of vehicles can you hope too find?

Motorhomes For All Budgets

At the time of writing, we have two used class A motorhomes for sale with price tags below £40,000, an Adria Vision and a Burstner Aviano with fewer than 30,000 miles on the clock. burstner elegance Both would be a superb vehicle for a family of four, whatever age the children. They have driver aids such as parking cameras, practical kitchen, bathroom and bedroom areas and that touch of luxury with beautifully rounded edges and quality levels of finish. At the other end of the scale, those able to spend six-figure sums would be able to buy a brand new Burstner Elegance. These simply have to be seen; the level of finish is like a hotel; the bedroom is a wow factor. To get a feel for larger motorhomes, please have a play with our vehicle search tools – you can look at new and used vehicles and filter by berths, weight, length, make and model and price. Comparing models online is a great first step in research, you can also make an enquiry about any vehicle or arrange for a test drive. Seeing the actual vehicles is then essential – only then can you see which layout feels right for you or get a sense for what spending more money really gets, the extra level of finish and the added technological aids. If you would like advice or to chat further about any large motorhomes, please do give us a call on 0161 797 2988.
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