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Second Hand Motorhomes

At Emm-Bee motorhomes, we have a fantastic range of second hand motorhomes, with something for every type of holidaymaker and to fit every kind of budget.

We also have a huge amount of experience and the ability to talk to would-be customers and help them find the perfect vehicle, whether that is a two-berth for under £25,000 or a state of the art Burtsner with close to a six-figure price tag.

Second hand does not have to mean accepting second best to a new motorhome, in fact we believe that for many people it makes far more sense to buy a used motorhome. You do not suffer the initial depreciation, you can get a higher spec for less money.A used motorhome

Add in the fact that motorhomes have great reliability and there are compelling reasons to think second hand. It is also a topic we have written about previously on our blog, tackling whether it makes sense for people to buy new or second hand. 

Wondering how much you need to spend to secure a second hand motorhome suitable for your needs? We have covered that too in this post. 

Please also have a look round this site to get a sense of what we offer, or even just for research purposes. You can see our current stock of used motorhomes simply by following the link below.

It is worth pointing out that our stock is continually changing. Although we are based in Bury, just outside Manchester and easily accessible, we have customers from across the UK. Given motorhomes are a serious investment, many repeat customers are willing to travel to use a dealer whose reputation they trust.

We are always happy to let people know where we have motorhomes that might be of interest, for instance, if you want a four-berth motorhome that is no more than five years old and have a top budget limit of £40,000 then we can get in touch when we have a vehicle that fits the criteria.

If it is advice you are after, we can help there too. If you think a second hand motorhome might be of interest but are just after information, then give us a call. We will happily discuss what sort of thing you might get for your budget and answer any questions or concerns you might have about the vehicles.

As any motorhome enthusiast knows, that is one of the great things with being a motorhome owner, it breeds a sense of community, people willing to offer advice. After all, many of our favourite places to park up across the UK and Europe came as recommendations by fellow owners.

The range of quality used motorhomes has never been better, when we wrote the blog recently we had seven vehicles for under £25,000 including one which was six berth, five years old and had done only around 10,000 miles. You truly can get a lot for your money – and then save every year as holidays become cheaper and you have the ability to justify extra breaks at the drop of a hat.

At Emm-Bee we will of course take your existing vehicle as part exchange as you upgrade.

Please have a look round the site and get in touch on 0161 797 2988 if you have any queries.

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