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If you are looking for parts or accessories for your motorhome then a visit to Emm-Bee’s motorhome shop will prove worthwhile.

At Emm-Bee, we are leading UK motorhome dealers with decades of experience and a five-star reputation.

This has enabled us to build superb relationships with leading motorhome manufacturers such as Burstner, Bailey, Chausson, Laika and many, many more. Through these partnerships we have been able to emerge as UK market leaders, as an example we have the UK’s largest stock of spare parts for Burstner motorhomes.

To find out whether we have the parts or accessories you need, call us now on 0161 797 2988.

Benefits of Emm-Bee’s Motorhome Shop

There are many motorhome shops, indeed you can even buy motorhome accessories on non specialist sites so why consider using our services?

We believe our experience ask key – that and our competitive card being used in motorhome shop

We live and breath motorhomes, we know all there is to know about each make and model, their parts and also which accessories work best with them. 

If it’s spares or parts you need, we can find the exact part. Usually we have the part in stock, when we don’t we can typically beat other shops by having it delivered to you inside three days, this because of our strong association with the makes.

We can, of course, also fit any parts for you.

Motorhome Shop – You Benefit From Our Experience

If it’s accessories, then our depth of knowledge is invaluable. We know which barbecues are best for a family of four, we can tell you which TV booster pack or aerial will work best, what you need if you want wifi on the go.

We can also chat through options over the phone or send you an email with options – if you have a trip planned but fancy an accessory or two, why not give us a call and pick our brains.

Based in Bury, Greater Manchester and with easy motorway access, our shop also stocks all the essentials you could ever need – Calor gas, windscreen washer fluid, oil and all the other things on your pre-trip tick list. 

The fact we are leading motorhome dealers also means you can combine a trip to our shop with a chance to look at our range of vehicles – even if it’s just to step inside a top of the range Burstner and dream about what might be if your lottery numbers come in.

We have a full range of new and used vehicles catering for all budgets; every vehicle we sell is in superb condition and ready for tens of thousands of problem free miles, that is whether it is a budget used vehicle or expensive new one.

If you are in the North West, pop into our motorhome shop to pick up the essentials and advise on any little extra you might be considering.

If you’re further afield, call us on 0161 797 2988 or contact us online to discuss your requirements.

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