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The Laika Ecovip has been a motorhome mainstay of the stylish Italian motorhome manufacturer for a little over 25 years now.


Indeed, last year, 2017, saw them celebrate the motorhomes 25th anniversary with another new makeover.


Among the most popular of the Laika Ecovip low-profile motorhomes is the Ecovip 309. We usually stock new 309s for sale; you can check them out on our new Laika motorhomes for sale page.


They are characterised, like all Laika motorhomes, by their exquisite stylings. And are built on a Fiat chassis with a 2300 diesel engine.


But like all Laikas, it’s never a case of style over substance. The Ecovip range’s design is balanced by some serious performance too.


laika ecovip

All Weather Motorhome


The Laika Ecovip range comes with cutting-edge insulation. This means all year touring in your motorhome is never going to be a problem.


The use of high-density Styrofoam in the floor, walls and roof means you can take your motorhome away without worrying what the weather may throw at you, being as warm or cool as you would like.  The double flooring means you will be stood on what is effectively an insulated cushion meaning even extreme cold climates pose no problems.


The final touches of frost proof pipes and a powerful heating system guarantee a comfortable ride regardless of climate.

Laika Ecovip Body Structure


Everybody knows Laika motorhomes have that Italian design fair, but less well known is just how robust they are.  For example, the roofs on the Ecovip range are made from high-quality fibreglass. And the floors are similarly fibreglass protected which makes for ideal waterproofing.


An aluminium outer coating on the walls ensures their shiny appearance is guaranteed for a long-time and contributes to the overall robust body structure.

Design and Space in a Laika Motorhome


Laika’s design stylings aren’t limited to looking good. They place a premium on maximising space in your motorhome illustrated by the complete cabin and cab integration.


 Their market leading garage can even house a large motorcycle. Ample storage space is assured by the increased height in the motorhomes, which also means that even the tallest of customers won’t need to bend down. While the innovative lighting design in all Ecovips features many indirect light sources. The light dimmings also help provide effective and warm lighting for that home from home feel.


High-quality upholstery is standard across the Ecovip, heightening the comfort experienced in each motorhome. Attention to detail characterises both the interior and exterior of the Ecovips, evidenced by the elegant new graphics added in their 2017 revamp and the Seitz S4 Deluxe windows.

Emm-Bee and Laika


Emm-Bee are the north of England’s main motorhome dealer, and are main dealers for Laika in the UK.  As the biggest UK Laika dealer, we are an essential port of call for anyone interested in the Ecovip range. Unlike many motorhome dealers, we show you on this site what we actually have in stock, vehicles than you can come and inspect and take for a spin.

Browse our range of new Laika motorhomes for sale


We are especially passionate about the Laika motorhome brand, feeling they deserved to be much more widely enjoyed in the UK than currently.


These luxury apartments on wheels can deal with demanding weather and journeys while never once scrimping on internal space and comfort.


If you interested in the Ecovip range of Laika motorhomes, please contact our expert staff today on 0161 797 2988 or online

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